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Summer in the City

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October 31st, 2004

02:25 pm - !
Oh, and Happy Halloween, Samhain, or whatever the hell you celebrate. Or not.

~Capt. Bogo still
Current Mood: chipperSTILL chipper-musical notes
Current Music: STILL none

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02:13 pm - :)
Hey, Capt. Bogo here. I'll post some Bogo bars here if I get the time.


~Capt. Bogo
Current Mood: chipperchipper-the musical notes wtf
Current Music: None really

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October 17th, 2004

09:59 am
Hey, Sammi here from North Crew. This is fun. Soo, we will all talk later I s'pose.


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October 15th, 2004

05:24 pm - Hello!

Hello! I'm Sarah Grace, and I am really excited about a SITC community. I was only there for the last day of the 2004 SITC summer, but I plan to work with y'all extensivly next year. Also, I walked the Focas: Hope walk with other SITCers last week.

Yeah, so, glad to be here! Thanks Ames for making this. Seems like a cool thing.

Current Music: "Fireflies take flight" -Ed Harcourt

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October 12th, 2004

11:32 pm
Hey there, all you SITCers!

Sam Linden, junior at Andover high school. I'm that kid with curly hair... Summer in the City rocks. I especially enjoyed painting over graffiti. Three cheers for instant gratification.

I'll catchya all later. We need to do something... like a reunion barbeque or something.

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09:16 pm
Hey all!

I'm Lindsey Banks, i am 17 and am a junior at North Farminton High School. I had an amazing time at summer in the city this summer, even tho i wasnt able to go as much as a lot of people, i really enjoyed helping out the community, and i had a lot of fun doing it!!! Sorry this entry is so short, but im supposed to be studying for the spanish test and AP english test i have tomarrow..(good use of my time right..hah) Well...i must be off then

Current Mood: busy
Current Music: Hey Jealousy - Gin Blossoms

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04:53 pm - Intro

I'm Amy Taub, and I'm a junior at North. I was kinda disloyal to my crew, cuz I went with Andover a few times, but...whatever. :P This was my first summer, and I loved every second of it and I can't wait to go back next year. I'm actually writing a personal narrative on it. :P I might post it in here if I feel up to it.

I miss everyone sooooo much!! I wanna be a dumpster kween again. :/ Counting down the days till Summer 2005...

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07:50 pm - Hi everyone!
Hi everyone, I'm Jessica Rock. I'm a junior at Andover High school and I turned 16 in september.

This was my first summer doing SITC and I loved every minute of it. I met a lot of new people, especially Ben, Neil, and Mike. They are the coordinators of summer in the city and they rock my socks!!!

I can't wait till next year so I can do SITC all summer instead of just a few weeks.

I hope to see a lot of others posting!

Jessica Rock


I met my boyfriend, John Somerville, at summer int he city and we're still going strong. You can see him in my icon from homecoming!
Current Mood: hyperhyper

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03:09 pm - Welcome!
This is my first shot at starting a community, so...give me a little break. :P

It's basically here so SitC members can keep in touch during the year and learn about Fall in the City/Winter in the Suburbs projects that might be going on, and be our crazy and amazing selves. Also, in the summer we can use it so we know what everyone thinks of the projects we're doing, and it can help Ben, Neil, and Mike figure stuff out.

So...post and introduce yourselves, cuz not everyone knows everyone else's LJs, and spread the word around, because you don't need an LJ account to read and comment on the entries here.

Enjoy. :)

-Amy Taub

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